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Fees or Commissions

As a financial advisor that is registered as an IAR (Investment Advisory Rep), I offer my clients investment strategies based on their individual needs, not based on fees or commissions. Most securities (i.e. stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CD’s, etc.) can be purchased inside a fee-only account.

My clients often want the guarantees available within an annuity. Annuities involve an insurance company that pays me a commission. Due to the commission paid, I NEVER include an annuity (or any other commissionable investment) in a fee based account.

Fee-based management offers additional benefits

  1. You will receive a written scheduled quarterly review of the performance of the account.
  2. Fiduciary responsibility to the client. Fiduciary responsibility means the highest accountability that the law provides. Of course no one can be held responsible for market losses.
  3. No surrender fees for early changes or withdrawals. You simply pay-as-you-go. (Standard termination fee may still apply.)